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by Rado on September 20, 2007

in Boxing Techniques

A detailed guide on how to knockout your opponent. I'll be updating this guide over time with tons of rules and methods of how to bring your opponent down to your feet and helpless. This guide is covers some science of the human body areas, target areas, as well as common striking methods.

On to the knockout techniques…

My Definition of the Knockout – A method of using blunt force to cripple your opponent beyond his ability to fight back. Many of our techniques may result in only a KNOCKDOWN if you don't hit hard enough but nonetheless knockdowns are still useful since they will eventually result in a KNOCKOUT.


1. A knockout can be achieved in 2 main ways: 1) You hit the person on the head hard enough to deliver a concussion that makes your opponent momentarily unconscious or 2) You hit the person to the body hard enough that it gives the opponent too much pain to want to control their body. In some cases, your opponent's limbs or breathing capacity will be so limited that they are on the floor unable to fight back.


The Head:
The head is vulnerable in 4 areas.
-Chin: The chin is a vulnerable tip of the head that can be easily hit to set the opponent's brain spinning for a knockout shot or very dizzying effect.
-temples: Another
-Behind the ears: This area is very vulnerable and also easy to hit at times.
-Back of the head: This area is very vulnerable and just about anyone will have a concussion and will go unconscious if you hit this area with just enough force. The back of the head can also be very easy to hit at times.

Upper body:
All body shots cause massive damage on your opponent. They can knock the wind out and dish out a kind of pain that lasts for minutes. You can easily cripple an opponent to the floor and take away his will to fight. Even if your opponent is aggressive enough, it will be PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE to use his legs after taking a hard bodyshot. Be smart and cover your own body.

-Solar plexus: This is the area right in the middle of someone's upper body and at the top of the six pack area. Hit someone here and they will have the wind knocked out of them and be in a world of hurt.
-Kidney: This is the area below the abs. It's not protected well and gives a sharp that makes people just want to lay down and crumple up into a ball.
-Liver: The areas on your lower back near sides at the back of your ribs. This is a relatively easy spot to hit with a kick or body punch at times and will also work the same wonders like the other shots. It will knock the wind out of them but it will give them a sharp pain in their body and take away your their legs for a minute.

Lower body:
-Knees from the side or behind: This is a painful and debilitating area if hit correctly. Simply put, your opponent WILL fall helplessly to the ground unable if you hit them correctly. Think of big football players and basketball players. Ask them what injuries are they most afraid of and they'll tell you it's the knees.


Left Hook (or Right Hook for southpaws) – The left hook is consider by many as the most dangerous weapons in boxing for numerous reasons. First off, it's thrown from the front hand which is closer to the opponent and therefore much easier to land with than the straight right hand. Second, it is thrown from the side giving it many damaging targets to choose from. You can aim for the opponents chin, this side impact gives it a great chance of rattling your opponent's head, setting your opponent's brain spinning and causing unconsciousness. You can also aim the left hook at the body for a often-open liver shot after you duck under an opponent's big punch. Many of the best boxers in the world are known for their deadly left hooks and it's no surprise.

A Kick – A kick can also be used to easily deliver a kick to the liver or kidneys or also to the opponent's knee. Given some room and lots of space and kick to the head is also possible but VERY unlikely.

A Stick – Use the stick and hit your opponent in the back of the head or the knees. Problem solved! I will assume that you are using a stick for safety or self defense and not going around attacking innocent people.


Unless you have a witness on your side, run away before the cops arrive. Don't stand around and do not waste your time looking like a hard ass. Your opponent's backup might just be around the corner.


It really isn't that hard to knock people out. Everyone is susceptible to it ESPECIALLY if they are not prepared for it. Even a pro fighter can be knocked out at any time. The easiest way to knock someone out is to hit when they are not prepared. A word of advice if you are using these techniques on the street or in a bar room situation: make sure you ask a friend to watch your back and make sure nobody else jumps in.

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